Garlic & Roasted Chili Fused Olive Oil

Garlic & Roasted Chili Fused Olive Oil

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Product Description: Milder in flavor, not too hot...Just Right! Our pure olive oil is naturally infused with fresh roasted garlic & chilies for a quick and easy burst of flavor for cooking. Offering a wonderful medium heat that will liven up your favorite pasta, seafood and vegetables. A nice spicy oil even for dipping bread.

  • Rich in flavor
  • Slowly infused with fresh, all natural ingredients
  • Great for dipping and cooking

Storage: Store in a cool dry place (50 to 68 degrees F optimum) away from heat and oxidizers.

Shelf Life: Shelf life is 24 months from date of production. LUV Flavors guarantees a minimum of 12 months from date of shipment.

Applications For Product: For use in many food applications such as salad dressings, drizzled over pasta or vegetables, or used for dipping bread.

Country of Origin: Infused in the United States using pure olive oil from Spain, Morocco, Italy, Turkey, Argentina, or Tunisia.