Olive Oil of the Month Club


At the heart of our business is our Olive Oil of the Month Club. Each month, a distinctive olive oil from a different region of is specially selected and shipped to our customers’ doors. Each cold pressed oil is accompanied by a newsletter, recipe and detailed information on the oil and its producer.

With so many olive oils on the market, how do we make our selections? With a great deal of time and consideration and personal visits to each of the producers we work with, we are able to handpick the the highest quality oils.

Additionally, we select our products from farmers committed to quality, traceability and sustainability. Our farmers take pride in their centenarian family businesses and today continue supplying oils that preserve tradition yet utilize the best in modern production methods.

Our Club is distinctive in that our oils are all sourced from different regions, each with their individual flavor profiles and history. Our customers take pleasure in a well rounded approach to enjoying the monthly selection. With the opportunity to read about the regional history, detailed olive oil profile, tasting notes, and producer bio, the personality of each oil comes to life. We also always include a recipe that showcases each oil’s best attributes.